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What makes StrataCloud different?

Unified, data-driven architecture. We’re built differently – from the ground up. Our data-centric architecture provides more granular and accurate visibility across your entire infrastructure.

Situational intelligence. We interpret and analyze data within the context of your unique service-level requirements – so you can manage your IT infrastructure as a system.

Adaptive automation. Adaptive corrective action that puts you in control – whether through automatic remediation or data-driven recommendations you can quickly and easily implement.

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  • Capacity Planning


    Your business is changing.
    So are the demands on
    your IT infrastructure.
    Plan intelligently.

  • Performance Monitoring


    Unrivaled visibility, granularity
    and contextual awareness –
    a better way to optimize

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Root Cause

    Go deep. We give you a
    microscopic view of your
    infrastructure operations
    with the Situational Intelligence
    needed to tackle any challenge.

  • Rightsizing


    With as much automation
    as you want, StrataCloud
    delivers data-driven, validated
    recommendations for
    infrastructure self-healing
    and VM resizing.


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